Thursday, October 13, 2011

Edgy Nails

The girls and I decided to do our nails the other day with a new product I purchased from Avon.  You may have seen the ads for Crackle Nail Polish from a few different brands such as OPI, CoverGirl, China Glaze, and etc but for upwards of $6.00.  While I was eager to try out the trend, I was not willing to spend that much on something that may not work out.  Then while browsing through the latest Avon catalogue (yes, I’m an addict), I saw they has a version that they call “Mosaic Nails” and for only $3.99.  Needless to say it was meant to be mine.  Here’s how we used it:


·         Bottle of Mosaic Nails (Avon) or your own crackle nail polish
·         Your favorite color of nail polish
·         Nail file
·         Nail polish remover

Once you have filed your nails and removed any old polish, give your nails a base coat using your favorite color.  Depending which type of polish you use, you may need just the one or maybe two coats.

Once that has dried, you’re ready to use the crackle polish.  You will only need one coat per nail and move fast.  Don’t gob to much on the brush either.  Once you have brushed on a coat on the nail, wait and watch the “crackling” begin.  Awesome!  I used lavender as my base coat but one of the girls used hot pink and looked great too.  I’m excited to try more colors just for fun!


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