Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Dinner Party Centerpiece

I believe the heart of a good dinner party is your centerpiece, setting the mood for the event.  Here is an easy centerpiece I came up with perfect for Fall.  It can easily be used for Christmas as well, I would opt to add some twigs of berries here and there.

Supplies List:

·         Pillar Candles, $8.99, IKEA
·         Candle Dish, $6.99, IKEA
·         Drawer Liner Paper, $1.00, Dollar Giant
·         Pine Cones, $2.00, Dollarama

Cut the drawer liner paper to the height of each candle and long enough to wrap once around each. 

Make sure the lines of the “wood grain” are vertical to get the best effect.

Once candle is wrapped, arrange them in their varying heights on the candle dish.  Add the pine cones (mine were cinnamon scented!) around the base on the dish.



1 comment:

  1. This is really cute and I bet would work in a lot of different ways. Thanks for sharing!