Thursday, October 6, 2011

Product Review - My Favorite Nail Polish

Confession:  I have been obsessed with nail polish for longer then I can remember.  My mother always had some in her medicine cabinet and I would beg her everytime we went to the pharmacy for a new shade (she was pretty good at not giving in).  Then I finally started having money of my own, first from Christmas/Birthday presents and eventually from my first job at a fast food joint.  My own collection quickly grew to what I have now which is over 20 bottles at any given time. 

I have learned that as you get older, you sometimes have less time to do your own nails nor the patience to wait for it to dry...inevitably smudging your nails as you race out the door.  But I have finally found a nail polish to solve that problem.  Sure, there are alot of "quick dry" polishes out there (believe me, i've tried most of them) but this one actually works!

Insta-Dri Fasty Dry Nail Color by Sally Hansen

The claims:

"One coat, one stroke for quick and easy application"
  • Dries in 60 seconds - yup, it sure does
  • One coat coverage - you literally only ever need one
  • Instantly irresistible shades - i like them all
  • no DBP, Tolene or Free Formaldehyde - that's gotta be good right?!

I have found the cheapest place to get them is Walmart but they are available from most pharmacies and beauty stores that carry Sally Hansen products.

I currently have Lovely Lilac and Flashy Fuschia...thinking my next shade will be Mint Sprint...


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