Friday, November 4, 2011

Hydrangea Centerpiece Tutorial

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers.  My family is from the island of Terceira in Acores, Portugal where these beautiful blooms grow on the countryside.  Recently I incorporated them into centerpieces for an awards banquet.  The company’s colors are royal blue and yellow so I worked with that to come up with this easy design.  Here’s how you can make one for your event:

·         5” x 5” Glass Vase
·         5” Wide Satin Ribbon
·         Glue Gun
·         2 Hydrangeas
·         2 Yellow Roses
·         4 Daisies or Mums

Step 1:
To get the vases ready, I wrapped the satin ribbon once around the vases and used hot glue to secure to the glass.  Fill ½ way with water.

Step 2:
The prepped blooms were all cut down to about 6” of stem from bottom of bloom.

Step 3:
Place hydrangeas in vase 1st in opposite corners.  They should just touch the top of the vase.  Then add one yellow rose nuzzled in to each of the empty corners.  For the daisies or mums, add them between the hydrangeas to fill any gaps.

Step 3:
Lastly, take 3 sprig of beargrass and twist them to a circle securing the ends.  Place in the middle of the centerpiece for some whimsy.

Your centerpiece is done!  If you are looking to keep the flowers fresh, make sure to change the water daily.

The company was very happy with the flowers for the event.


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