Friday, November 25, 2011

My First Craft Fair

Happy Black Friday to all my American readers!  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving :)  To end the week I wanted to share with you the pictures of my table at my first ever craft fair.  I am pretty proud of the success I had and how everything looked.  I had lots of compliments.  My niece/goddaughter was my helper and she was really good! I would go around looking at the other vendors and everytime I came back she had something sold!

Voila! My table :)

This was a chalkboard sign but I couldn't find chalk at home so had to cutout printed letters.

I used 2 cylinder vases to display headbands.

Elastic hair bands, clips...

Wreath galore!

The other headband vase and necklace set...

I think it was a great first attempt.  Lots of ideas for next time!


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