Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Plaid Flannel Ribbon Roses

This idea came to me by accident the other day.  I was going to make a cool wreath and cut all the ribbon into sections, started applying to the wreath form then realized I wouldn’t have enough.  I have challenged myself this month to use only craft supplies I already have at home…mostly because I spent too much at Michaels last month!  So I took the ribbon off the wreath and came up with something to use these strips of ribbon I know had.

·         Wired 1 ½” Ribbon, cut into strips no longer than 12” (you can use thinner ribbon too!)
·         Scissors


Step One:
Take a strip of the ribbon and pull on the wire on one side while cinching the ribbon towards the middle.  Do the same on the other side of the same wire.

Step Two:
Once the ribbon is cinched into a curl, start twisting the ribbon into a circle creating the rose.  When down, twist both ends of wire together to make a stem for easy applying to crafts.

Step Three:
For bigger roses, use longer strips or like I did add two strips together in same format.


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