Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wearing Ruffles

I love, love, love ruffles!  I have quite a few pieces in my wardrobe that have them.  I love that even on the most blah day you can throw something on with ruffles and it can make you look more put together and at least for me cheers me up.  I came across this list on my "Shopaholics" desk calendar and thought it was ironic since I have an olive green ruffle sweater on today.  Read on for great tips from InStyle Magazine:

How To Pull Off Ruffles:
  • Think elegant instead of girlie.  You definitely don't want to wear a floral ruffled dress with romantic jewelry and your hair in ringlets - unless you're going to a debutante cotillion (even then, think twice).
  • There needs to be some kind of contrast.  Your hair should be sleek and modern, and your makeup either very natural, or strong and dramatic.  Let the ruffle be a bit of a surprise, as in wear a feminine ruffled blouse with wool herringbone trousers.
  • Consider the overall line: Ruffles look modern when the silhouette is long and lean, not full and flouncy.
  • Look for well-cut ruffles in a substantial fabric, such as cotton, wool, taffeta or even leather.  These work beautifully for women of all ages.
Here are a few pieces I picked out from ModCloth, one of my favorite online shopping destinations:

Serene Bubbles Dress, $49.99

Breakfast in Bed Cardigan, $79.99

Stars Search Top, $54.99

When World Kaleidoscope Dress, $39.99

Yes I Cayenne Coat, $84.99


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