Wednesday, November 9, 2011

White Vinegar - New Uses

I love finding new uses for items I already have in my house. Here is some ideas for white vinegar I found from Real Simple Magazine.
  • Treat oily hair.  Vinegar is a good degreaser for oily hair because it helps adjust pH levels.  Shampoo your hair as usual, rinse, then pour a quarter cup over it and rinse again.
  • Wipe salt stains off boots.  Dip a cloth or an old t-shirt into vinegar, then wipe away the white residue.
  • Make wool sweaters fluffier.  Drop in a couple of capfuls of vinegar during the rinse cycle for an extra-soft feel.
  • Remove stubborn price tags or stickers.  Paitn them with several coats of vinegar, let the liquid soak in for five minutes, then wipe away the residue.


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