Monday, February 27, 2012

2012 Oscar Fashion Picks

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Billy Crystal host the 2012 Academy Awards last night.  I thought he was funny!  The Cirque du Soleil part was AMAZING!  And George Clooney...ahhhh...need I say more?

Aside from that, here's my fashion picks if awards were given for outfits:

Award for Most Dreamy Dress goes to....Penelope Cruz!

Award for Worst Dress After Last Years' Big Win goes to...Melissa Leo!

Award for Cutest Couple...Melissa McCarthy!

Award for Most Resembling the Oscar Statue goes to Meryl Streep!
(I had tears after her speech, love her!)

Award for Dress I Want In My Closet goes to...Maya Rudolph!

Award for Hollywood Glamour Reincarnated goes to...Emma Stone!
(She also had best presenting speech!)

Award for Worst Usage of Superhero Cape goes too...Gwenyth Paltrow!

Award for Worst Bra-Peeping Unclassy Outfit goes to...Sheri Sheppard!

Award for Dress That You Can't Sit In goes to...Viola Davis!

Award for Biggest Idiot goes to...Sascha Baron Cohen!

I love award season!!

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