Friday, February 24, 2012

Dreaming of a New Office

I have been dreaming of a redesigned office space for awhile now.  My 3rd bedroom is currently where I have my office/treadmill room, however its not very glamourous.  At times I think about throwing it in the basement and turning the spare room into a walk-in closet instead (I have alot of shoes!).  Then I think maybe make it into a closet desk and use the space for my closet / treadmill room.  Then other times I want all the space to spread out into an office....SIGH!!!  For now i'll keep thinking what would work best for me.  Here are my favorite designs on Pinterest lately:

A cute little corner under the stairs...good use of space!

Like the Ikea cube on top which I have already but on the floor....does it look too top heavy though??

Love the antique desk

I love the cabinets on top and the U-shape desk...i love me some storage!!


Closet desk area!  I like it....

Source: all pictures from Pinterest

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  1. Among those pictures, I like the second one the most. It can give you a more space to walk and move about. The color of the furniture is very calming, which can allow for a peaceful environment to think. The color of the wall and floor is also nice. And the Ikea cube on the top, I don’t think it looks too top heavy.