Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Venue Spotlight: CPR Pavillion

This is definitely one of my favorite spots.  The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Pavillion is connected to the Fairmont Palliser, hovering over the street below.  I love the large windows that let you see the cars driving from underneath in to the distance and the lights from surrounding buildings. While it might not be glitz and glam, it has history and great views. I had an event there this past weekend and took a few snaps:

View from the middle window...bit of a glare from my camera.

Antique bell on display amongst other artifacts.

The 12m high rotunda

Beautiful art deco floor with view of the large windows

Looking from east to west

From the front windows

Tall windows

Look at the beautiful ceiling!

My most favorite part...the staircase!

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