Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Ring Box

Every woman likes some jewelry, no?  It happens to be one of my (many) healthy obsessions.  I love to shop but being at a not ideal weight right now (work in progress), it can be depressing when you get into a change room and find the outfit doesn't fit you.  But things like shoes and jewelry always fit so they are my retail therapy. 

I have two large jewelry organizers (here comes my OCD).  And I make sure that everyday I have a little something on different from the day before so everything gets use.  I feel more polished when I have a piece of jewelry on.  It takes any outfit and "kicks it up a notch."

Today, i'm sharing with you my ring collection.  I love having a ring on.  And whilst I don't have an engagement ring yet, I always wear one on my other hand.  I purchased my ring box from Regal Gifts about a year ago and I love it.  Instead of them all being trown together in a box, they are neatly spread out so I can see all of them at once which makes remembering what I have also easier!  And for those wondering, yes that's 47 rings in total.

1 comment:

  1. Now, that is one good ring collection! You certainly have that eye for good rings!