Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Conquering The Gondola

This past weekend we took a family trip to the mountains.  We live right beside them and yet they always mesmerize me.  They’re just so beautiful!  One of the special things we did on our trip was try the gondola in Banff.  Now, understand that I am sort of afraid of heights.  I don’t mind being in an airplane yet things like a gondola freak me out.  How does that little string promise to hold me up?!  I decided it was time to conquer the fear and do it.  So up we went! 

The gondola (4 person cabin) takes you up Sulphur Mountain.  The views are SPECTACULAR!  In 8 short minutes you’re on top of a mountain at 2,281m (7,486ft).  When you’re at the top, there are stairs and a pathway to an old ranger station.  Definitely worth the hike!  Click here for more information on the Banff Gondola if you’re interested in visiting.  Here are some pictures of my experience:

The gondola in action! Up we go...

View of the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel from on top the mountain

View of Rimrock Resort from on top of the mountain

View of the town of Banff from on top the mountian

Some fresh snow on newly budding trees

Beautiful landscape

Mountains squirrels!

View of upper gondola terminal from the ranger station

Going back down!

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