Thursday, May 10, 2012

May Photo-A-Day Catch-up!

I'm not doing so hot at this am I? lol.  Well, its been a busy few days but here is a "catch-up" for the May Photo-A-Day series....

May 4: Fun!
May 5: Bird
Fun on May 4th was taking a beautiful walk around Mckenzie Lake and seeing the birds at Inverness Pond.  Ironically. all the birds flew away for my picture!

May 6: You

May 7: Someone Who Inspire You 
Maria Menounos...she's beautiful, talented, humble, and great ideas.  I lover her book.

May 8: A Smell You Adore 

May 9: Something You Do Everyday 
Pinterest!  I love it!

May 10: A Favorite Word 
"Seriously"....I seriously say this way too much lol.  Enough so that my sister got me this great mug for Christmas.  Grey's Anatomy is also a favorite show.  My favorite mug!

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