Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hallway Makeover

When I moved into my new house, I wanted any pictures that hung on the wall to be either taken by me personally or have some sort of meaning.  I'm not one for pictures of landscape just because it's pretty.  For some reason, the pictures in our hallway though got overlooked.  In my condo (my first home as a single lady), I had hung 3 Ikea "Ribba" picture frames with Ikea flower art over my bed.  On top of each was a decal as you see in the pictures below.  When I moved into my new house, the decals got ruined and I decided to put a picture of Paris (which I took myself when I was there) over my bed and the other frames went up in our hallway at the top of the stairs.  Then the other day we decided time for change and we went through our recent trip to Vegas and found some nice pictures.  I sent them online to Staples and two hours later we had new wall art!

My old condo bedroom

3 Ikea Ribba frames in a row with decals on top

My new hallway pictures! The top one is of the Paris and Bally' hotels taken from the Bellagio in Vegas.  The centre picture is of a casino on Fremont Street in Vegas.  The bottom picture is of the strip looking south from on top the eiffel tower.

What do you think??

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  1. I love the frames! You did a super job in beautifying this room. Keep it up! :)

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