Friday, June 22, 2012

Repurposed Painted Vases

It's been one crazy heck of a week so I apologize for the lack of posts but bear with me!  I wanted to quickly share with you some vases I transformed for a friend who was throwing a luncheon in honor of her sons' first communion.  We had a small budget to work with for decor so we made tissue paper pom poms in blue, green, and white.  And then for the tables we wanted to do some small floral arrangements for the garden luncheon.  Luckily my friend had some vases lying around from Valentine's Day that we were able to repurpose!

I cleaned the vases free from dust first.

With a hot glue gun, I wrote different words on the fronts of the vases and crosses on the back.  I used words such as love, joy, famiy, friends, believe, first, communion, etc.

With semi-gloss spray paint, I painted the sides tops and bottom.

These were super easy to do and effective.  For about $10 I was able to give her a dozen or so painted vases and tissue paper pom poms :)  Just enough decor for a beautiful outdoor garden luncheon.

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