Thursday, June 7, 2012

Restaurant Review: Famoso Pizzeria

Steve and I have been eager to try this new restaurant in our neighborhood since we saw the sign on the door of what was to come.  For the last little while we have been watching them under construction turning what was once a spa & tanning salon (closed due to fire) into a glorious restaurant.  So hello date night...hello Famoso Pizzeria, located on High Street in Mckenzie Towne.

I love the high ceilings and decor of the place, adds to the great atmosphere that the friendly staff provide.  It's a combination of rustic, industrial with brick and wood accents to modern decor with shiny chandeliers.  Glad to see that there was only one flat screen tv in the place as I hate when there are too many.  You should be able to carry a conversation with your date!  Upon entering the hostess let us know how things work: You sit yourself down at a table, there is a menu and a notepad to write down what you want then you go up yourself to the counter to order.  Then they bring your order to your table.  It's unique and worked well.  The manager also brought around wine sampes as it was Wine Wednesday....definitely coming back on a Wednesday for more of that!  He made the experience personal with chit chat.

View from our table of the order counter.

View from our table of the front entrance.

Raspberry Italian Soda....yum!

The menu and order pad stand compelte with pencils & your table number.

Margherita pizza

Siciliana pizza

The ingredients were definitely very fresh but overall I was a bit disappointed.  While the flavors were good, the pizza crust in hte middle was super soggy, like eating soup.  The outside crust was amazing and we only wish it had been all the way through :(  Not sure how likely we are to crave this again but the experience was worth it and it was not expensive.

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