Friday, July 27, 2012

Rainbow Birthday Cake

It's been an uber crazy week gearing up for another 2 weeks full of weddings.  We celebrated Michayla's birthday a couple weeks ago and I forgot to share with you what I made for her birthday cake.  She has a vibrant personality and we love to color together so I thought what better than a rainbow birthday cake!

To make the cake, I used a lemon cake mix and I altered it slightly by adding an additional 2 eggs, 2 cups of milk instead of water, 2 cups flour and 1 cup sugar.  It makes a moist, fluffier and taller cake.  The frosting is just your basic chocolate cake frosting and then I bought about 5 packages of Smarties and separated them by color onto the cake :)

Rainbow Birthday Cake

I handmade a banner with the birthday girl's name on scrapbook paper, added some pink bling and used skewers to hold it in.

Did I forget to mention the rainbow is inside as well??  To do this I divided the cake batter into 5 equal parts and added food coloring to each.  Then I spooned half of each color in at a time, don't mix it together!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Recipe: Fruit-topped Cookie Pizza

This is one of my favorite summer desserts.  It's perfect for when you crave something sweet but not too heavy.  Annnnnd it's super easy.  You can pretty much do whatever you like for toppings too.

  • 1 roll of Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough
  • whipped cream
  • crushed pineapple, drained
  • grapes
  • kiwi
Press package of dough onto greased pizza pan.  Bake as per package directions.

Meanwhile, chop up your fruit and open can of pineapple.

Once cookie has cooled from oven, spread a generous layer of whip cream (aka your "pizza sauce").  Next sprinkle crushed pineapple (aka "cheese"), then kiwi slices (aka "pepperoni"), and lastly top with the grapes (aka "black olives").  Cut with pizza slicer and enjoy!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tutorial: Bridal Flower Sash

My best friend Lesley is getting married next month and we are putting the final touches on everything.  Earlier this year we were bridal accessory shopping at a closeout sale at one of Calgary's couture boutiques when she mentioned she like the idea of having a flower sash for her dress.  We looked at the price tag and there were multiple digits to say the least.  A light bulb went off in my head and I said I would handmake her one which I got right to work and love how it turned out.  I'm sharing with you how it came together today:


Scissors, Thread, brooch, organza, chiffon fabric, feathers, flower template (about 6" diameter) 
Trace the flower template onto layers of the chiffon and organza.  Use as many layers as you want remembering the more layers you use the "fluffier" it will be. 

 Cut out the flower.

Stack layers of the organza in between layers of chiffon, finishing on top with organza.  Sew together in the middle to hold together.  Add brooch on top center.

Close up of brooch.

See all the pretty layers?!  I wanted to add some more texture so then I added some wisps of ostrich feathers I had around the house.

Complete! Ready to add to ribbon for sash or pin as is.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Stampede Continues & Hot Weather

Finally some heat!  The temperatures are finally around 30 degrees here AMEN!  I love me the heat.  It annoys the heck out of me when I hear people complaining and its only been a couple days.  It never lasts.  I was born to be somewhere warm not here!  Enjoy it while it lasts people!

someone sent me on my true!!

This past Wednesday we had planned to take in the Stampede breakfast in our community of Mckenzie Towne so at around 9am we walked over from our house and then there was the line up.  Down the street, around the corner, we're talking a few blocks here.  I normally would be all for enjoying the ride but I had to get back home for a 10am meeting so this wasn't happening.  All I wanted was to enjoy one Stampede breakfast this year :( Steve saved the day by suggesting we pick up groceries and have our own on our sunny deck which was an amazing way to spend the morning after my meeting of course.  We even jaunted down to High River later on to dip our feet in the river.  Great day!

now THIS is a Stampede breakfast!

bands performing on High Street

Monday, July 9, 2012

Recipe: Deep Fried Oreos

Yahoo!  The Calgary Stampede is underway once again and they are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year so it's a big one.  While I don't go crazy over the stampede, I do love some of the neat things that pop up, including the food.  This year they have added some crazy stuff including deep fried wagon wheels! One of the most popular treats is still the deep fried oreos though and they love me at home when I make a batch.  Caution: highly addictive!

  • vegetable oil for frying
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 tsp vegetable oil
  • 1 cup pancake mix
  • 1 pkg Oreos
  • icing sugar

Heat oil in a deep fryer (I don't have one so I used one large pot.

Combine the egg, milk and 2 tsp oil together and whisk until smooth. 

Dip each cookie into batter one at a time then place in pot or deepfryer.  Fry each side until golden brown (about 2 minutes).

Drain on paper towel for a bit before dusting with icing sugar.


Stir in pancake mix.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Tissue Paper Pom Flower Centerpiece - Tutorial

One of my niece's just celebrated her 6th birthday and to celebrate my sister threw a Hello Kitty theme pool party at a hotel and asked me to help with decorating.  It needed to be quick and easy.  The room that food (bbq) was served is used as a breakfast room at the hotel so we only had one hour to decorate and the room isn't that big to begin with.  We decided using the ceiling space would be good to add color to the rather bland room so we made tissue paper pom poms in pink and green.  For the tables which we weren't able to move around I came up with cute colorful and fun centerpieces:

Supplies Needed:
  • tissue paper (one package of 20 sheets will yield about 12 flowers)
  • pipe cleaners
  • scissors
  • bud vases
  • jelly beans

Unfold the package of sheets of tissue paper.  Split the pile into stack of 10 sheets each.

Cut the stack into 6 equal rectangles. 

Accordian fold each small stack of squares. 

With one end of pipe cleaner, secure fold at center.  Leave rest of pipe cleaner down as "stem".

Cut tips into triangle shape then fluff away!

Fill the bud vase with as much jelly beans as you like.  We added stickers to outside of vase to add some fun and Hello Kitty!  Then we used two of our flowers (i had made light pink and hot pink) to each vase :)