Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tutorial: Bridal Flower Sash

My best friend Lesley is getting married next month and we are putting the final touches on everything.  Earlier this year we were bridal accessory shopping at a closeout sale at one of Calgary's couture boutiques when she mentioned she like the idea of having a flower sash for her dress.  We looked at the price tag and there were multiple digits to say the least.  A light bulb went off in my head and I said I would handmake her one which I got right to work and love how it turned out.  I'm sharing with you how it came together today:


Scissors, Thread, brooch, organza, chiffon fabric, feathers, flower template (about 6" diameter) 
Trace the flower template onto layers of the chiffon and organza.  Use as many layers as you want remembering the more layers you use the "fluffier" it will be. 

 Cut out the flower.

Stack layers of the organza in between layers of chiffon, finishing on top with organza.  Sew together in the middle to hold together.  Add brooch on top center.

Close up of brooch.

See all the pretty layers?!  I wanted to add some more texture so then I added some wisps of ostrich feathers I had around the house.

Complete! Ready to add to ribbon for sash or pin as is.

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