Monday, August 27, 2012

Beauty in Canmore

Another weekend, another wedding!  We were off to Canmore this weekend for a wedding at the Canmore Golf & Curling Club.  This was my first time working at this venue and we got to enjoy the patio before getting to work.  What a BEAUTIFUL view!

so pretty!

Ceremony later took place in front of water here

golf course

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Free Printable! Shopping List

When I go to the grocery store, I personally have to ALWAYS write down what I need.  Otherwise I forget half the things I NEEDED and end up with random things I didn't really need to spend money on.  So I thought why not make it fun and cute?


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Photo Booth Fun!

We had a FABULOUS time this past weekend at my best friend's wedding.  It was a very happy and emotional time but went great.  The newlyweds had arranged for a photo booth after dinner at their reception and all the guests had a great time with it.  Highly recommend!!  Here are some pictures we took:

The bridesmaids :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

This Saturday, my best friend Lesley is getting hitched.  It has been about a year and half of exciting planning and then all of the sudden last night at 10pm while staring at the ceiling in bed it kind of hit best friend is getting MARRIED!!!  Things got kinda emotional at that point and since then everytime I think about it I tear up.  Why am I the emotional wreck?!  Poor Steve did his best to console me lol. 

Lesley and I have been friends for over 8 years.  We've been there since the bitter start of dating (and breaking up).  We worked together for a few years and would lock ourselves in the photocopy room each morning and catch eachother up on latest gossip and troubles in our lives.  It was quite therapeutic!  When I left that job we kept in contact.  Whether it be with emails throughout the day back and forth (and now thank you to Blackberry Messenger), movie nights, gossip dinners, etc...we have always been through everything together.  We learned many things about love and dating....a lot came from the book "He's Just Not That Into You"....if you haven't read it yet PLEASE DO!  The movie is good but the book is life changing.  Lesley told me about a guy she had connected with on Plenty of Fish (dating website) one day and they had set a time/day to meet up for dinner.  Hour before this date she sent me pictures of her in different outfits for advice on what to wear.  We also discussed that I would be her backup plan and if things weren't going well on this date that she would get me to call with an "emergency".  I had my phone with me all night but it turned out that I never needed it.  And that was her first date with her soon to be husband, James.  For years we have been talking about men and boyfriends and now she was going to call someone her husband.  This is when I lost it again last night lol.

I'm so proud of how far she has come and honored to have been there with her from the start of their relationship.  James and Lesley are perfect for eachother and without being cheesy they really do complete eachother.  On Saturday I will stand by Lesley at that altar to support their marriage but I will continue to stand with Lesley for life as her friend and support everything she does.

Our first road Edmonton for a Gwen Stefani concert

At a Flames game

Our wicked trip to Barbados :)

At the New Kids On The Block concert in!

A wise woman once said: "Friends are like bras: Close to your heart and there for support."

Monday, August 13, 2012

Recipe: Ice Cream Dessert

What's better on a beautiful summer day then having a BBQ with your family?! Finishing it up with a yummy ice cream dessert!  Here is a super simple recipe that was definitely a crowd pleaser this past Saturday evening.

  • 10-12 Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Caramel Topping
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Tub of Whipped Cream
  • 2 Skor bars
  1. In a glass dish, layout the unwrapped ice cream sandwiches to completely cover the bottom.
  2. Spread a layer of caramel topping over the sandwiches.
  3. Using the entire tub of whipped cream, cover the caramel layer evenly.
  4. Drizzle chocolate syrup on top of whipped cream layer.
  5. Crush the Skor bars into pieces then sprinkle on top.
  6. Freeze for 2 hours+ before enjoying for best result.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wedding Weekend Bonanza

Okay first of all...when did the word "bonanza" come into my vocabulary?! Oh well i'm rolling with cuz it sounds good.  I just completed a very exhausting but rewarding weekend with double weddings that were absolutely gorgeous.  I did all the floral work, design, decor, and every last detail you see here.  One wedding was at the Calgary Zoo and the other took us to the Rimrock Resort Hotel in Banff.  Both beautiful venues.  I don't often share my wedding work here with you but I am particularily proud of our work this weekend so here we go!  Please leave comments if you like :)

Ceremony at Calgary Zoo

One of centerpiece styles for reception at Calgary Zoo

Half of reception room at Calgary Zoo (leads out to terrace, other side over looks conservatory)

Ceremony outside at Rimrock Resort, Banff

Me at work! Those petals don't just show up you know ;)

Amazing mountain views!

Colorful centerpieces at reception in Rimrock Resort, Banff

Reception room at Rimrock Resort, Banff

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lollipop Bouquet

We recently celebrated my sister's 40th birthday with a small family bbq.  She was not at all excited about turning 40 so I wanted to lighten the mood with something cheeky.  I made this lollipop bouquet and had it delivered to work place.  Very cute!

For the base, I wrapped floral foam which I cut to fit in a small cylinder vase with tissue paper.

Then I cut green curling ribbon (thinking flower leaves)....

...and tied around all 40 lollipops.

Then I simply inserted each lollipop into the foam.

I handmade a small sign saying "4o sucks" as well....get it?!

And here is the bouquet!  Yes I made it outside on our was a very warm day :)