Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wedding Weekend Bonanza

Okay first of all...when did the word "bonanza" come into my vocabulary?! Oh well i'm rolling with cuz it sounds good.  I just completed a very exhausting but rewarding weekend with double weddings that were absolutely gorgeous.  I did all the floral work, design, decor, and every last detail you see here.  One wedding was at the Calgary Zoo and the other took us to the Rimrock Resort Hotel in Banff.  Both beautiful venues.  I don't often share my wedding work here with you but I am particularily proud of our work this weekend so here we go!  Please leave comments if you like :)

Ceremony at Calgary Zoo

One of centerpiece styles for reception at Calgary Zoo

Half of reception room at Calgary Zoo (leads out to terrace, other side over looks conservatory)

Ceremony outside at Rimrock Resort, Banff

Me at work! Those petals don't just show up you know ;)

Amazing mountain views!

Colorful centerpieces at reception in Rimrock Resort, Banff

Reception room at Rimrock Resort, Banff

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