Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stamped Monogram Napkins

Steve and I like to evoke a little retro feel to our lives and when we started experimenting with making cocktails we thought it would be cool to have little bar napkins to serve them in.  Of course we decided to take it one step further and personalize them.  To buy them on the internet was either too expensive or well-priced but then you were stuck with way too many.  So I was determined to find a DIY way and came up with this:

Supplies: alphabet stamp letters (we didn't like the ready-to-use ones because the fonts for our initals looked weird so we bought the letters and affixed to bobbins we found in clearance bin...either way works!), beverage-size napkins (purchased at dollar store), black ink pad, stamp cleaning pad.

Stamp affixed to bobbin

stamp anywhere you like on napkin (not too hard so doesn't bleed)... as our initals are both "S" we decided to do one in each corner.  You can choose to just do one corner, or centre, or overlap initals.

Napkin is ready


Bottoms up!

We also tried it using Versa-Mark on black napkins but doesn't show up quite as much as we liked

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