Wednesday, January 23, 2013

30 Years

Yesterday I celebrated my 30th Birthday...that's right, the big one! So many people asked me if I was dreading it and joked about being "29 forever" but the truth is i'm not that kinda gal.  I had a SPLENDID day filled with love and well wishes from all those who matter to me.

Towards the end of the day I did do some reflection, looking at what I have accomplished and the future.

Last 30
Made it through childhood, teenage years, and all the lessons in between.  Graduated high school and college.  Started my own company which I am still so passionate about.  Loved and felt heartbreak...learned what true love really is.  Proud of my family and my two beautiful nieces that mean everything to me.  Became happy with my body, then lost it all.  Learned to trust others, learned to deal with anxiety and stress, learned to "let it go".  Met the man that I now love more than anything in this world.  Learned what it's like to live with children and putting others before myself.  Learned the art of compromise.  Learned to love myself and it's ok to put myself first sometimes.  Learned that you never stop learning. 

Next 30+
My only anxiety turning 30 was that it meant those older than me are also aging and might not be around one day.  While I already knew this it just reminded me and it scares me to lose those i love.  I have accepted that I am not married before 30.  It's not the age that matters to me.  Hopefully one day soon this wish will be fulfilled.  I look forward to years with the man I love and his children too.  I look forward to many travels and new experiences constantly.  I look forward to continued success however they may happen.

my birthday flowers :)

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