Thursday, January 10, 2013

Big Christmas Family Dinner

This past Christmas we went to my parents home on Christmas Day for a traditional dinner.  Me and Steve agreed we will alternate years between his parents house and mine.  My family likes to make it a bit more formal and with certain traditions from when we were kids.  I have always helped my mom set the table in advance and every year we do it slightly different.  Even though I no longer live at home I always make sure to go a day or two before and set it up.  She usually invites about 15 aount, uncle, cousin and her growing family, my sister and her family, and now Steve and his girls. 

This year we feasted on pork roast, turkey, sweet potato & bacon casserole, veggies, roasted potatoes, rice, shrimp, and so much dessert I could have passed out!  I also always make a punch for my mom but this year I made something different.  I took champagne flutes and dropped a few frozen cranberries in each.  Then I filled each glass 1/2 full (let's be optimistic) with cranberry cocktail, and the rest of the glass with SkinnyGirl Cosmo.........YUM!!!

Here's the decor before dinner:

white damask linens with red bow napkins

the long table

I handmade the centerpiece as a gift.  It had evergreens, fir, mums, roses, ornaments, and shiny things.

the "bar" station

place setting close-up

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