Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 Grammy Award Reviews

Award season continues on with the Grammy Awards...the best of the best in music.  It was a fun show this year, although felt like there were barely any awards given.  Here are some highlights from me:

Adele...looking great after baby, and going with something other than black was nice, however I don't like the red floral overlay on this dress....too grandmother-ish

Carrie Underwood blew the house away...the dress was so cool especially when the butterflies flew away.

Fun. did a decent job and it was cool when it started did they not get electrocuted?!

Justin Timberlake....i was dying to see this, love the music, love his performance, love his hair and love love!

Dang...Katy Perry looks H-O-T!!

Cutest speech ever! Kelly Clarkson winning her award

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