Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars Red Carpet Review

Ahh the Oscars! I have been looking forward all award season for the big one and was nto disappointed. I personally liked Seth McFarlane as the host.  He wasn't very crude and was very funny.  Here are some highlights from the red carpet:

I love this couple!!! Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck...I really hope they go the distance. And I LOVE her dress.  The color is GORGEOUS!! Ruffles galore and it works, and fabulous necklace. Definitely my vote for Best Dressed.
Another cite couple, both seem to have the pregnancy glow lol...His dancing on stage and presenting was great too!
I don't know her very well but Zoe Saldana has great taste and I love that this dressis DIFFERENT and totally works.
Oh happy she won, she's great.  Disappointed in her dress.  Just underwhelming and the pointy breast part just weird.
Some people didn't like this dress on Jennifer Aniston but I do. She looks sweet and its different than her usual black dresses. Go girl!
Talk about being the belle of the ball. Such a pretty dress...felt so bad for her tripping up the stage but she held it together well and we will love her more for it.
Jessica Chastain wowed in this dress.  It sparkled so nicely. If she wasn't up against Jennifer Lawrence I would have totally been rooting for her to win.
Can we tell her to leave now?? I can't stand Kristen Stewart and her attitude. Felt like she didn't want to be there.  Her dress was beautiful but she doesn't deserve it. Her always greasy hair and makeup like she has been drinking for days. Worst presenter ever.
I love Sandra Bullock.  Always funny and true to herself. This dress is sexy but manages to be all covered up. LOVE

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