Monday, June 24, 2013

Alberta Floods

It's been a sad weekend in my beloved city of Calgary and areas around. We have been in a state of emergency since Thursday. Unprecedented amounts of rain flooded our rivers and flooded our town. I have lived here almost all my life and never seen this. I'm a lucky one. My house, my family are fine. Seeing things first hand are heart breaking. Knowing that I walked those streets and parks days before and they were washed away. 

Macleod Trail

Stampede grounds, saddledome flooded

Memorial Drive

Residential area

the cleanup begins

streets of downtown

Amidst all the destruction Calgary prevails. This city has shown what it is built with. Hearts are open. We have one of the best mayors, Mayor Naheed Nenshi. He has been in the thick of it 24/7 and has been very motivating. Today the city asked for 600 volunteers, Calgary pulled through and THOUSANDS showed up. There are donation requests all over town. I went to the store and got a cart full of items to donate. It doesn't feel like enough but its my way of helping anyway i can. I have also contacted my brides getting married shortly and made sure their families were okay and how I can help if needed. This has touched us all in some way. I ask you to please help donate what you can...every little bit helps! #Calgarystrong

Donation Information: or Red Cross

volunteers at McMahon stadium today

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