Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Introducing Webster....

Last year we bought our first BBQ together and while we have great memories of using it, it didn’t fair well in a windstorm we had. I came home twice to our barbecue across the deck and flat out. The handle was broken which we got replaced and then second time got broken again and the back hinges snapped off too. Just wasn’t meant to be. We knew we’d have to buy a new one this spring and hated having to have the cost of a new one so soon. Steve had been trying to convince me to get a charcoal grill since the previous year but I thought they were too inconvenient. But he got me on a weak day and I agreed to look at them with him. Afterall, what are we always rushing for anyways??

We went to Home Depot but they only had a picture of the one we wanted and were out of stock. Then I remembered I had a gift certificate to Rona to use so we decided to try there the following week. At the same time I thought about selling the broken BBQ on Kijiji for someone looking to fix it or use for parts and it sold within 24 hours! Double bonus we didn’t have to go to the dump! So we took those proceeds too and bought our new charcoal grill.....


Weber Charcoal Barbecue Model #741001

Ain’t he handsome?! We decided to name it Webster...because we’re cool like that. So now the adventures of summer grilling start! Wish us luck J

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