Monday, June 17, 2013

Our 1st BBQ of 2013

Now that we have our new grill, we were dying to try it out. Of course with our luck it rained for a week straight after getting it. But the clouds broke up a little today so we took our chances. It will take awhile to get used to the amount of charcoal to use and cooking time but the meal was delicious.

In the foil pan, we have small round potatoes seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper. Potatoes take longest to cook so smaller pieces seem to fare better. The pork tenderloin chops were seasoned with margarine, salt, and pepper and grilled perfectly by Steve. And for vegetable we used asparagus which was marinated in olive oil, sea salt, and balsamic vinegar before grilling. Who knew I could like vegetables this much?!


Looking forward to a great grilling season!!

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