Monday, September 23, 2013

Emmy Awards 2013 Review

Last night was the 2013 Emmy Awards. They are almost like the start of TV season. I was excited to see the fashion and watch Neil Patrick Harris as host because I think he is amazing. He did a wonderful job and I like how he added some song and dance along the way keeping it interesting. His humor is awesome and hilarious without being crude. Here are my highs and lows from the red carpet:

Colbie Smulders looks gorgeous! Can't wait for the final season of HIMYM

Amanda Peet looks way too goth. Don't think this was right for Emmys.

Love Amy Poehler's choice. Something different but still elegant. Did you see her and Tina Fey's skit?!

Anna Faris was bright but maybe too much with the heavy bangs? Looking forward to her new show.

Clair Danes is washed out. The dress sparkled on stage but the insert in the middle looked too big for the dress.

Loving this color and this dress is beautiful. Good choice Sarah Hyland.

Oh, Jon Hamm...I wish you would look more like Don Draper off stage. I hate the beard.

There's that green again. Mayim Bialik looks amazing in green.

Now this is age appropriate and fun! Good job Kiernan Shipka.

While everyone else has high end couture gowns, Sarah Silverman got this dress online for $60 apparently, and still rocked it.

Sofia Vergara in another tight mermaid dress. Can't we try something else?!

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