Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Australian Theme Candy Bar

We have been creating a lot candy bars for weddings in the last 2 years but they are great for so many events too. Just in the past year we have also done them for birthday parties, christmas parties, and even retirement parties. 

Today I am featuring a recent setup we did for a retirement party. The gentleman had quite the sweet tooth so it was quite fitting. He and his wife have purchased a home in Australia to move to for retirement so my client wanted to incorporate a nod to Australia without being too cheesy. Here are a some pictures and highlights of how we did it.

Our client mentioned the guest of honor liked gummy candies and chocolate the best so we made sure the favorites were stocked.

Instead of boring labels, I used the outline of Australia for the shape.

As our centerpiece, I created this street sign with names of popular areas, including the one where the guest's house will be.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Recipe: Shirley Temple

You have all seen numerous cocktail recipes over the years here. They are fun to make...and drink! We like to involve kids too in what we do and since you can't give them alcohol we try to find versions safe for them. The virgin Shirley Temple is a famous non-alcoholic and quite tasty. It's Michayla's favorite so we make it often. Here's the easy recipe


  • orange juice
  • grenadine syrup
  • ginger ale
  • maraschino cherry

We like to eyeball on this as its just a fun drink. Pour about 1/2 cup orange juice and fill rest with ginger ale. Add two pumps of syrup DO NOT MIX!!! The syrup will sink to bottom creating the ombre effect for presentation. Then drop a cherry in......annnnd you're done! When ready to drink, mix with straw. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tutorial: Diaper Napkin Fold

One of my childhood friends is pregnant with her first child due this December and I am super excited to meet the little one! Her sisters threw her a baby shower a couple weeks ago and I helped out on a few things. The mom-to-be is waiting to find out if baby will be a boy or girl so we chose to use tiffany blue and baby pink as the colors for the shower. For the napkins, I wanted to do something cute and different so I came up with this simple fold that looks like a cloth diaper! People loved them so much they didn't want to use them...which defeats the point of a napkin and diaper, no? Everything went great for her baby shower brunch. Here is a tutorial for the diaper napkin fold:

What you need:

  • cloth napkin (we used white 18" squares)
  • ribbon (we alternated pink and tiffany blue)
  • safety pins

fold square once in half

fold that triangle again in half

turn so the 90 degree angle point faces you

flip the top left corner into the centre

then do same for other corner

fold the bottom to the center

make a small bow with some ribbon and thread the safety pin through it and the center of all 3 points

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Past

Okay be much candy is left?! Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween. I found the adults out there were very creative this year with their costumes. I would love to dress up next year but I don't get invited anywhere for Halloween  HA! We decided to up our decor a bit this year by using the LED spotlights that I use for weddings. It went over really great with lots of great compliments, especially from the little boys in the neighborhood. Next year we'll go full out on the decor! Here is a quick video of the lights in action!