Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tutorial: Diaper Napkin Fold

One of my childhood friends is pregnant with her first child due this December and I am super excited to meet the little one! Her sisters threw her a baby shower a couple weeks ago and I helped out on a few things. The mom-to-be is waiting to find out if baby will be a boy or girl so we chose to use tiffany blue and baby pink as the colors for the shower. For the napkins, I wanted to do something cute and different so I came up with this simple fold that looks like a cloth diaper! People loved them so much they didn't want to use them...which defeats the point of a napkin and diaper, no? Everything went great for her baby shower brunch. Here is a tutorial for the diaper napkin fold:

What you need:

  • cloth napkin (we used white 18" squares)
  • ribbon (we alternated pink and tiffany blue)
  • safety pins

fold square once in half

fold that triangle again in half

turn so the 90 degree angle point faces you

flip the top left corner into the centre

then do same for other corner

fold the bottom to the center

make a small bow with some ribbon and thread the safety pin through it and the center of all 3 points

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