Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Christmas Table Decor

I am a couple weeks late with this post but I still wanted to share as I had some nice pictures. If anything here are ideas for next year haha! Every year I help my mom set the table for her big Christmas Day dinner. Since I've had my own business I usually use a few of my own things to spice it up which secretly drives my aunt crazy. A healthy family competition of course! This year I wanted to use this willow green satin from my collection.

Willow green with gold on white linens
Special centerpiece I made. Mom loves candles so I wanted to throw one in there and I love pinecones :)
One long table for 25 people.
This was an arrangement I made for her other table. My sister had given her some wrapped mixed bouquet of flowers that morning and mom handed it to me and said do something with this lol. So I made into a large table arrangement. Looked like twice the amount of flowers!

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