Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Possibilities Are Endless

Looking back on the previous year, there were a lot of challenging moments I went through but hey I survived. Instead of concentrating on what happened that year, I would rather look forward to what lies ahead because that I can somewhat control. The beginning of a new year can be overwhelming for me because of the pressure to make New Years' resolutions and to make it all count. I'm instead going to focus on what I would like to see happen this year and what I will be concentrating on...after all, the possibilities are endless!

  1. Be the best me. I am going to focus more on myself. Why some may think that is selfish, how can I be the best me for everyone else if I haven't made the best of me.
  2. Find new job. I was laid off last year from my daytime administrative job and have found an interim job to pay the bills but I would like to find one I truly enjoy while still being flexible enough to have my own business. It ain't easy.
  3. Create new designs. I would to bring into my business new creative designs and products. I enjoy offering my clients new things that are affordable at same time.
  4. Portugal. I would like to visit my family in Portugal. My grandma turns 92 this year and I miss her so much.
  5. Blog more. Finding the time has been challenging of late.

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