Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 Oscars Fashion Reviews

I have been waiting weeks for the Oscars and finally they were here! I enjoyed Ellen DeGeneres as host very much. She is never crude or vulgar and yet still so funny. Love her! Lots of great moments for those who won and everyone seemed to get along well. Here is my fashion wrap-up:

Amy Adams - her dress was simple and some say boring but it fit her sooo well (like fondant Steve said lol) and the color works well for her.
Anne Hathaway - at first I thought this dress was too heavy metal, and then when she got on stage to present all the lights would reflect off it and almost blind us viewers
Bradley Cooper - Yum. Just yum.
Cate Blanchett - Her dress featured the illusion neckline which is popular for wedding gowns right now, I think she looked great and her speech was nice, she's grown on me over the award season.
Charlize Theron - Such a beautiful women, overall I loved the dress except the straps I think it should of had bling
Kate Hudson - AMAZING! She looks fabulous and gets my vote for best dressed. The dress worked well both with and without the cape
Julia Roberts - I love this different style of dress for her, I would wear it!
Sandra Bullock - very elegant, like the color
Penelope Cruz - I did not like this dress at all. Just the craftsmanship and excess of fabric was too much toga party like for me
Meryl Streep - I love this woman. She looked so elegant with the one shoulder top. Love it, love her!
Jennifer Lawrence - America's newest sweetheart, she yet again fell but is so graceful and hilarious. I like her in this more fitted look.
Jenna Dewam-Tatum - forget how handsome her husband Channing looked, this was another favorite for me with the illusion neckline.
Matthew & Camilla - Beautiful couple, I liked both her dress and I loved his speech. Power to him for making it about him.
Lupita Nyong'o - Love the color on her but wish the neckline wasn't so deep. She carried it well though and glad she won.
Giuliana Rancic - My girl crush, loved her dress. I would so wear it for my wedding dress if I could.

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